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Incentives & Schemes 

For industrial promotion & state economic growth

The government of different states is offering schemes for supporting businesses and creating opportunities to promote the state’s economy.


As the national capital of India, Delhi offers various subsidies and incentives to promote economic development, entrepreneurship, and investment within the state. While Delhi doesn't have specific subsidies for industrial sectors like other states, it provides several schemes and initiatives to support businesses and individuals. state Here are some key subsidies and incentives provided by the Delhi government:

Startup Delhi :

The Delhi government has launched the Startup Delhi initiative to promote the startup ecosystem in the delhi state. It offers various benefits to startups, including financial assistance, incubation support, mentorship programs, access to co working spaces, and networking opportunities.

Skill Development Subsidies :

The Delhi government provides subsidies and financial assistance for skill development programs to enhance the employa -bility of the youth. These programs focus on providing training in various sectors and industries to promote skill acquisition and employment opportunities.

Loan Assistanc :

The Delhi government has introduced loan assistance schemes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). These schemes provide financial support in the form of subsidized interest rates, collate -ral-free loans, and credit guarantee schemes.

Green Initiatives :

Delhi promotes various green initiatives to encourage sustainable practices and reduce pollution. This includes subsidies and incentives for adopting renewable energy systems such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and waste man -agement solutions.

Education and Healthcare Subsidies :

The Delhi government provides subsidies and financial support for education and healthcare sectors. This includes schem -es to offer affordable education and healthcare services to the residents of Delhi, particularly for economically disadvant -aged sections of society.

Women Entrepreneurship :

Delhi government offers subsidies and incentives to promote women

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