key Responsibilites


Key Responsibilities

We provide consultancy for SME units to avail the maximum benefits of subsidies offered by the Central and State Governments and assist you with tailor-made solutions throughout the process from industry research to documentation and approval.


Here’s how we help you get the hassle-free subsidy benefits:


Client Consultations

Our Subsidy consultant helps clients navigate through complex subsidy programs, ensuring no worry throughout the process.


Industry Expertise

From knowing the latest market trends and subsidy laws, our subsidy advisors are the experts in the field, providing painstaking consultations.


Subsidy Assessment

With an in-depth assessment of the client’s goals and needs, we develop tailored subsidy programs to obtain the maximum profits.


Program Research

Deep dive into the benefits, policy changes, and latest subsidy program, providing clients the relevant information and recommendations.


Application Assistance

Helping clients in preparing and submitting accurate subsidy applications throughout the process, reducing the risk of error.


Documentation Support

Assisting in curating required documentation for a subsidy program reducing the risk of rejection and streamlining the process.


Subsidy Tracking

Regularly tracking the subsidy application status and updating clients to maintain communication and risk reduction.


Compliance Guidance

Providing complete guidance to clients regarding subsidy approval and audits to maintain the eligibility and continuance of the program.


Relationship Building

Connecting to the relevant stakeholders and government agencies is the key to staying up to date with the programs, and accelerating the process conveniently.


Continuous Learning

Staying ahead in the industry by practising deep research, continuous reading, and knowing market trends, ensuring better subsidy consultation to clients.

Consulting is Beyond Just Giving Advice!

SubsidyPro is going places with highly experienced professionals who have years of specialization in subsidies and government benefits. Work with us to gain the best possible financial support for your business.