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Subsidy Success Stories: Consulting for Business Advantage

Subsidy Success Stories: Consulting for Business Advantage

Subsidies are the financial aid provided by the government to different companies for their growth and development. Businesses can avail the benefit of these schemes at both state and central levels – state governments have separate industrial and sector-specific policies for the companies who set up their business in that state while the central government launches schemes on an India basis. Entrepreneurs can efficiently reduce their capital expenditure or operational costs by availing the financial benefit of business subsidy schemes.  


SubsidyPro is the pioneer in subsidy consultancy who holds in-depth knowledge and expertise in guiding entrepreneurs throughout the whole process, beginning from registration to disbursement of subsidy in hand. Our main aim is to help numerous entrepreneurs avail the benefit of business subsidy schemes without any hustle. SubsidyPro has helped various businesses set up their plant in strategic locations and meet the eligibility criteria for availing of financial aid from the government. In this blog, you will get to know how SubsidyPro has bridged the gap between government subsidy schemes and companies seeking funds.


Navigating Success through Business Subsidy Schemes  


Subsidy consultancy helps organizations plan the expansion of their businesses as certain criteria need to be fulfilled to apply for business subsidy schemes. For instance, a food processing unit in Haryana wanted to expand its business operations and was planning to establish a plant in Faridabad. However, after taking the guidance from SubsidyPro, they changed the location from Faridabad to Karnal. As Faridabad falls under A block, no subsidies are available in this category, as per Haryana Enterprise and Employment Policy (HEEP) 2020. Existing companies are also required to invest 50% of their existing investment to avail the benefit of subsidies under the HEEP policy, 2020. SubsidyPro made the entrepreneur aware of these conditions and helped in filing application forms for subsidies. 


Inculcating sustainable practices   


Subsidies not only help businesses to expand but also inculcate sustainable practices like conducting water or energy audits, installing testing equipment, and setting up effluent treatment plants. Another machinery manufacturer company was able to secure financial support of 50% as a subsidy maximum of INR 20 lakh per year in order to ensure ‘Zero Defect’ in the quality of products to make them globally competitive. Using subsidy consultancy ensures that businesses get the maximum benefit from government subsidy schemes. 


Making Projects Financially viable 


The textile business in Uttar Pradesh was planning to invest in plant and machinery to take its business to new heights. Entrepreneurs were not aware of the available business subsidy scheme; thus, they contacted SubsidyPro to avail the financial bonus from the government. They were able to avail of a capital subsidy of 20%, being a small enterprise under UP MSME policy. UP government provides various benefits for small businesses like interest subsidy, capital subsidy, infrastructure interest subsidy and exemptions. It also has a textile policy, dairy farm policy, startup policy, electronics manufacturing policy, and many more to uplift different sections in the state.  


Bureaucratic paperwork and the whole registration process can be daunting for entrepreneurs who are already filled with other priorities; thus, subsidy consultants take charge of the application process. They ensure that the client has all required documents and is meeting the eligibility criteria. SubsidyPro streamlines the application process for availing the financial benefit of the business subsidy scheme, allowing businesses to focus on their core aspects.  


Success stories discussed in this blog highlight the crucial role played by subsidy consultants in availing financial support from the government. SubsidyPro keeps track of the latest business subsidy schemes and amendments, making investment by companies financially viable. It possesses in-depth knowledge of government policies, procedures, and regulations, ensuring that the clients avail all financial benefits in a timely. Bridging the gap between industries and government initiatives, Subsidy Pro empowers businesses to make informed decisions, propelling them to higher success.