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Assisting businesses to avail the financial subsidies / incentives offered by the Government.

It would be a terrible business decision not to take advantage of the subsidies offered by the Governments OR miss out on the financial advantages due to lack of knowledge or expert advice. 

Subsidies in India can vary from state to state and are further on locations within the state. Further, there are various processes, guidelines, documentation requirements and requirements than need to be met, before the subsidy is disbursed by the government.

Securing the Subsidy is not a RIGHT of an organization BUT a BONUS, earning of which requires detailed knowledge and efficient execution process, before the subsidy is disbursed. The Government will make you work for your BONUS.

Subsidies can lead to significant reduction of project costs as well as operating costs of the company.

• One time subsidies- Reduce the project cost, by availing asset creation subsidies
• Recurring subsidies- Reduce the operating cost, by availing state incentives and exemptions

Availing the Subsidies therefore, needs an expert:

Welcome to SubsidyPro – India’s best and most knowledgeable Subsidy Consultant and your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of government subsidies in India. 

We understand that registering for, getting the sanction and then getting the subsidy disbursed can be a challenging and time consuming task, with various eligibility criteria, intricate application processes, and strict timelines. That's where we come in.

At SubsidyPro, we specialize in initial planning and then executing the various subsidy programs offered by the Indian government. We keep track of the industrial policies, thrust sector guidelines and latest policies so that our clients can maximize their subsidy benefits.

SubsidyPro recognizes the processes, documentation, timelines and compliances involved in navigating the systems and the bureaucratic processes. Our mission is to make our clients understand which subsidy is available in which location, the benefits of establishing the business in a particular state – each client’s requirements are different and therefore our solutions are customized to the client’s needs and objectives.

Whether the client is from the manufacturing and service sectors to wishes to establish a new business units OR expand, modernize or transform their existing business unit – SubsidyPro guides and assists them in each step and process – we assess the potential location, the eligibility of the business and the entrepreneur to take benefit of the subsidy and the quantum of subsidy available. We then prepare the documentation and submit the applications for sanction and disbursement of the subsidies. 

Our experience and expertise reduces the burden on your team, ensures the completeness and timeliness of the subsidy application, so that the subsidy benefits are maximized.

We work with the objective of getting large financial benefits for your business, we believe in why settle for good when greatness is a possibility. Thus, we aim for business excellence and set new benchmarks. Our process includes — knowledge, execution, and disbursement. 

 Knowledge- Government subsidies can directly impact a firm’s project costs and operating costs. Lack of knowledge and execution skills can deny financial benefits. Our team possesses a deep understanding & in-depth knowledge keeping us ahead of the industry trends. 

● Execution- With the belief that knowledge alone is not enough, we work tirelessly to ensure the “timeliness and completeness” execution of your subsidy application. Its our responsibility from preparing, and submitting to follow-ups and disbursal.

● Disbursement- Our proven track record speaks for itself. We have the highest success rate in securing subsidies for our clients. Ensuring you receive the financial support your business deserves. 

Don’t start a business without planning on where the subsidies are available, what is the quantum of the subsidy and what needs to be done to avail the subsidy - take advantage of our consultancy services and let us guide you through the maze of subsidy programs in India.

Explore our website, learn about the subsidy programs available, and reach out to us for a consultation. Together, we can unlock the potential of subsidies and help you realize your dreams.

We are your Trusted Advisors for availing Subsidies in India.